Jodith Valerie

Hi, there

I'm Jodith Valerie, a person who loves problem solving and transforming ideas into digital products. I was a fresh graduate who has just graduated in July 2021, I have experiences in graphic design for 1.5+ years. By the end of 2020, I am new to the world of UI/UX Design and am very interested in this field since I was little. I also enjoy the world of technology, I stated attended several free webinars that helped me to start transforming my skills to UI/UX Design.

By studying visual communication design and creative advertising, what I had learned before was a very different thing but it had almost the same design thinking learning method. I started learning UI design in sketch and Figma by taking part in several weekly design challenges.

After I guided myself with courage, I was finally able to use Figma and Sketch, I ventured myself to create a portfolio on Behance by showing several UI Designs without any process and applied to several companies for internal work. As a result, I got a lot of advice from recruiters that Design is not only about to create a good UI Design, instead it is about solving problems that users face.

That summarizes up why I started learning UX Design through Sanbercode bootcamp, by following Google UX Design, continuously reading and learning from the medium & Spotify Podcast about UI/UX Design. At the end, I finally finished my first case study portfolio with the design thinking process.

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